Our new sustainable packaging is better for the planet.

Our trays are now 100% recyclable. Made from recycled and plant-based materials, all elements (except the soft plastic wrap that seals the trays) can be recycled including the ink on the packaging sleeve.

They won’t lie around in your local landfill or waterways for decades. They can be turned into something useful, like more trays or beverage bottles. And because we use recycled material to make our trays, we’re cutting down on oil-based plastics even further. And the card sleeves around our trays can also be recycled.

Only the soft plastic wrap that seals the trays isn’t yet recyclable, but we’re working on it. After you’ve enjoyed the delicious contents, just wash the tray under your tap and leave it out for the kerbside collection.

Looking after our planet is a work-in-progress.

Our packaging has a job to do, and we’re doing all we can, within practicality, to cut waste. We’ll continually review our recyclable packaging and make use of new technologies to help us reduce its impact even further. We will:

• keep refining our packaging to focus on recyclability, renewability and reusability
• use only plastics that can be recycled such as PET, the material water bottles are made from
• only use paper or card which can be recycled at the kerbside
• avoid using traditional oil-based laminates, composites and coatings which prevent the material from being recovered, unlike our plant-based material which can be recycled
• stay clear of using bioplastics, and materials with compostability claims, which are unregulated and contaminate recycling streams
• use understandable English labelling reminding people our packaging is recyclable.

If you’d like to know more about Harrington’s recyclable packaging, please get in touch by calling us on 04 380 6437. And you can read more about it here.

Harrington’s pays the living wage.

The Living Wage concept is the hourly wage that a New Zealand worker needs to pay for the necessities of life and “participate as an active citizen in the community.”

It reflects the necessary expenses of workers and their families such as food, transportation, housing and childcare. It is calculated each year independently by the New Zealand Family Centre Social Policy Unit.

The Living Wage rate is voluntary, and for 2018 it was set at $20.55. The rate for 2019 is $21.15.

We introduced the Living Wage in 2018 because we believe in investing in our people. We have rolled out the Living Wage to all of our employed staff, as part of our goal to be an ethical employer.