Where is Harrington’s Smallgoods located?

You’ll find us in Unit 5, Miramar Metro 9–11 Tauhinu Rd, Miramar, Wellington 6022.

What products do you craft locally?

Sausages, bacon, hams and specialties – All our delicious products are created at our Wellington premises. Our pork, beef, lamb and venison is raised here in New Zealand.

Are your products free range?

Many of our products – sausages, bacon, specialities, hams – are free-range. Just look for the ‘free-range’ symbol on the pack. Our pork, beef, venison and lamb is all raised in New Zealand where we have very high standards of animal welfare.

Read more about our animal welfare here.

What quality assurance measures do you have in place?

Our Food Safety Plan is registered with the Ministry for Primary Industry, and our state-of-the-art Stock Management System we can trace everything we use in production.

We deal only with reputable suppliers and producers who run their operations under the same principles and they must have a registered Food Safety Plan in place.

Where do you source your ingredients?

All meat products that carry the Harrington’s brand are sourced right here in New Zealand. All other dry and wet ingredients are sourced based on the highest possible quality for the best possible price.

Where do you source your meats?

Our pork, beef, venison and lamb is 100% New Zealand-raised. It’s why we say ‘our pigs don’t fly.’

Do your products contain nitrates and nitrites?

Yes. We use nitrates and nitrites in our traditional dry curing. You can read about how we use nitrates and nitrites right here.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes. Harrington’s Smallgoods is introducing new sustainable packaging, one of only a few Kiwi food producers using new technology to reduce its environmental impact.

Harrington’s sausages are now available in eco-friendly packaging. Made from recycled and plant-based materials, all elements (except the soft plastic wrap that seals the trays – but we’re working on that) can be recycled – including ink on the packaging. Read more here

Are you a living wage employer?

Yes. We introduced the Living Wage in 2018 because we believe in investing in our people. We have rolled out the Living Wage to all of our employed staff, as part of our goal to be an ethical employer.